Rebirthing Workshop

Freedom from the Known

Before we can move into our future, we have to be free from our past to the extent that the past inhibits or blocks the future from being fully realized.
— Jeffrey Wolf Green, founder Evolutionary Astrology

This is a monthly workshop that focuses on Kundalini Yoga master Yogi Bhajan's powerful rebirthing yoga sequences. By healing the wounds of the past we can transform the present and create a future that is in alignment with who we really are. As we become more aligned with the soul we begin to draw our true destiny towards us.

When we are driven by subconscious patterns we recreate the past over and over like repetition compulsion. Through the process of unearthing and transmuting these hidden crystallized patterns, we are able to liberate ourselves from unconscious reactions and restore the natural flow of life force energy in the self-sensory system.

Each workshop will begin by opening a sacred circle of love and trust for the purpose of deep healing and transformation. The process will include a Kundalini Yoga rebirthing kriya, ritual practices for deepening the connection with earth and cosmos, as well as time to reflect and share with others. 

Saturday 29th October        9.30am – 12.30pm
At Yoga Stable
3A Montgomery St Lane   Edinburgh   EH7 5JT

Cost: £25/20 (conc)

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